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29 April 2007 @ 06:25 pm
Mugglenet Interactive Productions Presents...  

Or... not. Not yet, at least.

But we're getting closer. (Cheers, anyone?) As the only site programmer who also roleplays, I'm the self-designated messenger for this particular request. And I really want you, as MNI's army of roleplayers, to help me with this.

The RP section that we're setting up for MNII (for anyone not familiar with the term, MNII is just "MNI 2") is more elaborate than it was before. In addition to all of our favorite forums, we're also going to have pages (yes, static, non-postable pages, separate from the forums, that look all official and actually stand out a little) about roleplaying on MNI. Several, in fact. But since these pages aren't just for me, I want some help to actually write the content for these pages. As it stands now, we have the following three pages set up:

~ About MNI Roleplay
~ Getting Started
~ Frequently Asked Questions

And this is where you come in. I can handle the little things that will be specific to MNII (there will be a few changes, but for the better), but there are so many more things we need to address. What were you confused about when you started to roleplay? Is there anything about roleplay that still lies in the grey area? What would a beginner need to know about roleplaying? And then there are a few specific things that we need to touch on, like colors (though I'll probably just copy-paste that from the Hog's Head), power playing, general rules, describing the main groups (Order, DEs, Ministry), etc.

Anything you know of that relates to roleplaying, post it. Believe me, you really don't want me to have to write this myself because I tend to either get wordy with such things or just make it incoherent. And we don't want to scare off potential new characters.

Speaking of which, this really might be a good recruiting opportunity for us. People who are currently unsure of roleplaying will probably stumble across these pages at some point, and it's our job to clear up any confusion. If there is one complaint about MNI RP that gets repeated all the time, it's that we're seriously lacking in roleplayers.

Yeah. There's my little speech. Help me, please?

And... I've never posted to this community before. Don't kill me for anything I messed up. *hides*
sapphira_21 on April 30th, 2007 12:31 am (UTC)
Uuumm, I would love to help. I mean, not off the top of my head can I ramble on about all the above subjects, but here's my short post to say that I am glad to help out, and will contribute when I am not writing an essay or studying.

...or roleplaying, for that matter.
nels_snape on April 30th, 2007 02:33 am (UTC)
I second Jill's statement- the comment about essays, studying and roleplaying included.

But will definitely help in whichever way I can!
jeikora on April 30th, 2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Yay for people to help!

Whenever you get a chance is fine. And whatever comes to mind is fine also. If you just happen to think of a random topic that we should include, make a quick comment so we can add it to the list.
w1dancin on April 30th, 2007 12:43 pm (UTC)
I love the 'Getting Started' idea. I think that the most confusing part, coming into the MNI RP community, was where the line for MNI Wide and other RP plots was. I remember I started during one summer right during a ball, and everyone was being DE's and Order and Ministry peoples and I couldn't find where they were organized. So maybe have a list of links to RPs or something to show what all MNI Wide RP world includes.

Also, it should include the setting of our world. That definitely affects character choices. Like after HP7 comes out and we decide all that stuff, the result should be one of the first thing that someone new to RP sees.

I have my last final in... three hours. So after that, I will have so much free time, I think that I'll strangle myself with my boredom. If you need help, I'd totally be willing to give a pretty big hand.
xxanica on April 30th, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
Right....I'll just...post my thoughts here so that I can organize them.

For the "About MNI Roleplay" section, I think that a brief description of each of the RP forums should definitely be included. By brief I mean something a bit more than what's underneath the forum right now. It would hep for new RPers to know things like that the Ministry, Number 12 Gimmauld and The Riddle House are solely devoted to MNI-Wide RP.

On that note...MNI-Wide Rp should get a nice description with (possibly) a list of the major players in the world. If a new RPer decides to enter into the world of MNI-Wide RP (and yay for them!) I think it would be extremely helpful for them to already know who some of the characters are, especially the more prolific ones like Nels and Sky and Arby and Ian. It would facilitate better RP since they're be entering and RPing in a...well, continuous timeline. I know that the first thing I did when I entered MNI-Wide RP was read everything I could get my eyes on to get a handle on the characters that my character *probably* should have heard of.

Something I think is important is that, in the MNI-RP world, unless you've already been accepted to one of the three main organizations, you really shouldn't be saying that your character is a Ministry official/Order member/Death Eater.

As well, maybe an emphasis on that MNI-Wide RP tends to stick as close as possible canon lines, at least in concept. Canon events affect our world and our characters. Sure, we skew canon at times, but.....well, in plausible ways.

For "Getting Started" I was hoping that maybe there could be some pointers on creating a character within a specific RP world (MNI-Wide or any other, thread specific RP). Just simple things like advice on age vs. ability, strengths and weaknesses, maybe something about taking on canon characters (since there are quite a few RPs in the RP forum where people ask for canon characters), etc. Then, maybe some general description of the various RPs that you find around MNI (RPs of canon events, RPs that don't take place in the HP world, RPs that take place in past timelines, RPs that take place in future timelines, MNI-Wide RP).

Erm...maybe something about establishing the setting when starting up an RP and sticking to the established setting when entering an RP because one of the strangest things I've seen is when a thread takes place on a sunny day and three posts later, someone enters and, somehow, the weather has flipped out and it's pouring rain/snowing (in the summer)/hailing/etc.

There's probably more but...I have to go vacumn the downstairs before my mother freaks on me later. So...I'll just leave it there for now.