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25 April 2007 @ 08:56 pm
Hey bb's  
I've been thinking about creating a summary regarding everything that's happening in roleplay lately.

I know things are moving sort of slow because Sam is NOT DOING ANY POSTING AS IAN. But I know you kids are still doing random roleplaying and whatnot...does anynone maybe want to contribute summaries of their mini roleplays? If you give me summaries - or the main ideas I can put it all into order and post it to this forum after everything is done.

When you think about it guys...this is our last roleplay with the books...you know?

And I want to be able to save the ~*~memories~*~ once MNI-II appears, because I think we all have different places where we're saving the threads.

But I was thinking of making a MNIwideroleplay board where we can all save our roleplays and discuss ideas and everything - instead of here, because a forum is much more...homely. This will still be used for the big things - well, I guess it depends on what you guys want, so, respond to this with your thoughts and opinions.

All the MNI roleplayers will need to share common ground and what will happen after the seventh book. Technically...we can do...well, anything we want, really. We're always worrying about following guide lines or "We can't do that because Lucius is blah blah blah." As much as it might scare you all to think about - we won't have to worry about the next book anymore. As far as the world J.K. Rowling created goes on MNI...we practically have full reign. It's a weird though, but it's true.

I mean, we're not going to stop playing because the seventh book comes out and Harry Potter's story is over (sort of). Because we still have our characters and our Ministry and everything...so, common ground will need to be found.

It needs to be discussed - even if it means a MASSSSSSSIVE chat somewhere with EVVVERYONE (as scary as that sounds) - but I don't want people to disagree with how things go. I mean, we can have a new Dark Lord (if Voldemort dies) and ANYTHING can happen (within reason, obviously).

I'm just not sure HOW we're going to do this because there are always the people who disagree with us...and then there are the people who refuse to come here and make me sad, but yes. Anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to roleplay, or have been involved in the roleplay (in any small way) please respond and let me know how you feel about these thoughts.



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owl89 on April 30th, 2007 10:09 pm (UTC)
I feel like Ender Wiggin flying off to settle on a world when I hear uncharted territory, there's even traveling music in the background.

I'm glad Tina reminded this group exists otherwise I would have never even thought about any of this.

I hardly gave RP after the seventh book a thought, though I'm a bit wrapped in the Ministry Takeover Event and maybe more than I need to be. Personally at the moment no uber creative RP ideas are bursting from me, but I agree with a good amount of what was said and do recognize that there are things to be ironed out.

One thing I'm curious about is how our own little Ministry Takeover Event will tie into the Seventh Book, considering the dissimilarities between the two worlds. I don't think this is a major issue and shouldn't take a massive effort to forge a link. After all Dumbledore's death wasn't difficult to fit in, nor any of the other related events. Naturally I can't too much, being that Book Seven is only available to pre-order at the moment(which I've already done BTW).

As for all the explanations like the difference between MNI Role Play and Other RP, I wonder if that shouldn't be explained now. This could be my imagination, but some users who try to RP MNI Wide don't know that in the MNI Wide world there is an actual organization for Death Eaters/Aurors/Order Members and anyone who claims to belong to these groups without signing up for them is certainly setting themselves apart from the organized group (I won't say they don't belong just on the grounds of being courteous.)

I'll use an example from a recent RP experience. My resistance titled AVA after another group before my time here, sought to make our first mission to kidnap a low rank DE and squeeze her for information. Not liking the idea of just forcing an RP on someone and needing to communicate anyway, I had one of the AVA members PM Nels and tell her about our plans. Nels responded by telling us that the person we were after is not a registered DE and therefore knew as much about their plans as I did. (This isn't a quote more like an exaggerated paraphrase.) So this development put a dent in our plan, its purpose weakened by the fact that this RPer either has no clue DEs are organized or because they chose to set themselves apart and go under the title of DE anyway. I can't be sure which, but it makes for a conundrum in my plans and brings to light that there may/will be users that don't know the difference between MNI-Wide RP and other RP.

To bring this to a close, I'd like to offer that maybe this needs explaining now and should become a sticky explanation (Much like the Nexus and Wizarding Places have explained differences).